Business Development Webinars
Watch development webinar replays for ideas on how to grow your digital business.

The webinars feature Xerox customers who are successful practitioners of the webinar topic, such as direct marketing, value-based pricing, sales management, targeting verticals, integrating mobile, understanding customer needs, and more!

Most webinars are an hour long and also give an up-to-date look at relevant industry trends and research.

View the most recent webinar:
  • Best Practices Webinar: Omni-Channel Marketing
    Through a real case study – see how integrating direct mail, e-mail, and personalized landing pages helped Jubels print & more deliver business results and delight their client.

    Learn how the campaign was developed and managed through XMPie software to enable real-time results.
  • How To Sell Print Using Social Media
    In this webinar, Matthew Parker, Champion of Print from Print and Procurement Ltd., discussed where social media lives in the sales cycle, and how to leverage it to find and connect with new prospects and existing customers
  • Mobile in the Mix: The Role of Mobile Apps
    Mobile technology is changing the way that consumers behave, creating new opportunities for a highly interactive customer experience. In this webinar, two Xerox customers, Bob Ross and Joel Dickinson, shared their strategies for successful mobile implementations.
  • How Price Anchoring Makes Customers Pay More for Print Services
    In this webinar, Matthew Parker defines price anchoring and explains how to use it successfully in the print industry. Examples of price anchoring will be provided.

    Download the slide presentation.
  • Understanding Customers' Needs
    Learn how print and marketing services providers are stepping
    up to the challenges of understanding business issues to address today¹s unique and changing customer communication requirements.
  • Direct Mail: Reliable, Trusted, and Changing
    This webinar will provide InfoTrends’ latest insight on today’s direct mail trends. You will also hear from service providers that are transforming direct mail into an integral component of the omni-channel experience.
  • Packaging: Service Providers Helping Build Brands
    This webinar explores how service providers are supporting clients deliver short run digital solutions to do test marketing, provide dimensional mailers for advertising and selective packaging for specific target markets.
  • Mobile on the Move
    This webinar is designed to share how service providers are adding mobile components to their overall service offering. It will explore mobile bar codes, NFC tags, augmented reality, and integration with social media
  • Driving Revenue with Value Added Services
    This webinar offers a discussion with service providers and answers the following questions:
    • What value-added services are being offered to drive double-digit growth?
    • How are service providers offering and packaging these services
    • How are they charging clients to expand the revenue opportunity
    • How is this impacting bottom line results?